Blogger Bio

I am an extremely blessed Christian wife, mother, and grandmother with a love for learning and teaching. The more that I learn, the more I want to teach and what is more important to share than God’s Word and love for each of us.

My experience in the classroom in public education ranges includes, elementary, high school and undergraduate students. My focus areas were math, reading, teacher education and computer applications. My experience teaching God’s Word began when I was teaching Vacation Bible School as a teenager under the guidance of experienced Christian teachers. Since then I have been involved teaching children from babies to junior high ages.

I have spent many years organizing and speaking at Ladies Retreats which lead me to teaching Bible classes for Christian women on a regular basis. Studying for these classes and class discussions have taught me as much as I have shared.

I have always held the words from Mark 16:15 close to my heart. After many prayers, I decided that with my love for God and the talent that He has given me for teaching and sharing, that my newest part of The Great Commission would be to begin a blog to share God’s Word with the goal of edifying the readers and encouraging them also to “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” (ESV)

DSCF9561My husband, Charlie, and I live out in the country now after living in the ‘big city’ along the Gulf Coast for over 35 years. We are building a cattle ranch, slowly but surely, and enjoying every day on ‘the ranch’ with our cows and pets. We love having our grandkids come to “Camp Kimmie and Grandad” as often as possible.

What a blessing to live ‘in the middle of nowhere’ (my words) and still being able to share God’s Word and words of encouragement using the world of blogs and electronic communication. I pray that this effort will help to share God’s Word with as many women as possible.