Welcome to Garlands and Crowns

Welcome to Garlands and Crowns.

The purpose of this blog is to delve into the Bible to learn from God’s Word to guide us in our daily lives.

This blog is a result of my love of God’s Word, learning and teaching others. Not only do I want to learn but I want to take others along and challenge them to study and learn with me.

Join me and explore lessons from the books of the Bible as well as topical studies from the Scriptures that will enrich us as women of God.

Each week a new lesson will be posted along with study questions. You can sign up for the electronic mailing list to receive a printable study guide each week.

An illustrated Bible verse will be published weekly. These verses can be saved to your electronic device or printed to use as a daily reading of God’s Word. You can even use this Scripture as a weekly memory verse to write God’s Word on your heart.

Hospitality will also be a focus of this blog with lessons and challenges published regularly.

Last but not least, you will find short lessons for children featuring Scripture, key learning points, and questions.

Take a few minutes to bookmark this blog, sign up for the email list, and leave a comment.

See you next week.


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