Welcome to Garlands and Crowns, Take 2

DSlide3o you ever stop and reflect on something that you’ve planned or perhaps that you’ve been doing for a while – and then decide you need to make changes? Well, that is exactly what I have done with this blog!

After much thought and prayer (and probably procrastination), I have decided to go with a different format. Rather than a multi-week study on one book of the Bible, each week will feature a study of the Bible focusing on one word or phrase. On Monday, a verse from the Bible will be presented, three (or so) questions to check our understanding of the verse, and a challenge for the week. On Wednesday, we will delve deeper into our study of the verse for reflection and application to our daily lives. Friday will bring a week-end check in and activity.

Studies of different books of the Bible will be available for you to study at your own pace. as they are written. (Philippians, the original study for the blog, will be available shortly.) These workbooks will be available to print, download, or (in the near future) order. I would like to start a private discussion group on Facebook for these studies of the books of the Bible, if there is enough interest from you.

So, hang on to your hats (or rather garlands and crowns). The new format will be published on Monday. Come back on Monday to see the first Strength From the Scriptures topic revealed.

Your sister in Christ,

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