Wrapping Up: Scriptures

2 Tim 3_16I’m glad that we’re able to meet again to wrap up this study of God’s Scriptures.

God spoke through Scripture when it was first recorded and the Bible is how God speaks to us today. When we fail to take (or make) time to read and study God’s Scriptures, we allow a distance to come between us and God. The Bible is more than just a book full of words and phrases. It is a book of truth – God’s truth – and can be a source of strength if we immerse ourselves in it.

When we neglect to meet God in the words He preserved for us, we lose our bearing in life and He seems distant. The wonderful truth is that God hasn’t moved and He is still speaking to us through the Bible.

When we open the Scripture, know that God still speaks to us each and every time we read His words.

Pick it up, open it, read it, study it and listen as God speaks to you through His Word – today, tomorrow, and forever.

For those of you that enjoy word search puzzles, I have created one using the words from 2 Timothy 3:16. Just click on the link below to download and open the puzzle.

Friday Word Search_2 Tim 3_16

See you next week for our next Strength from the Scriptures study.
Our topic for next week – Courage.

4 thoughts on “Wrapping Up: Scriptures

  1. Elaine David says:

    Kim, thanks so much for this week’s study. I am enjoying the word search while I have a granddaughter playing in the tub. I appreciate your study and willingness to share the Scriptures with us!




  2. Natalie says:

    How true it is that we can cause a sense of closeness to God just by picking up our bible. This is giving/encouraging our constant steady growth as were reading each scripture you’ve brought to our attention.

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